Terrifying Dreams of World War 3 Part 2

Luke 21:25-26: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity and anguish at the roaring and tossing of the sea and the waves; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

Oden, stop that.” I reached my hand down to pet, my black German Sheppard. Oden was happy to see me and panted and barked to go outside. “ruff”.

It was a hot spring night. I had just gotten home from work. I bent over and turned the dial of the living room air conditioner. The ac started up and attempted to cool off the living room.

The dog had been locked up for 10 hours. I looked at the thermometer it said 76 degrees. I put my black German Sheppard Oden outside to cool him off.

I took off my dirty orange tennis shoes and tossed my car keys on my bedroom dresser in the dark. The bedroom was messy. Bags of clothes were piled up. There was no bedroom dresser. The mattress on the bed had a hole in it where the spring was coming out. I threw a blanket over the protruding spring that popped up.

The room was cool now. I had an air conditioner setting by my bed. I fumbled with the window screen. I put the air conditioner down in the room. It was stifling and unbearable to sleep. I reached my hand over and turned on the box fan.

I went to the door, and opened it. “Oden come in the house.” I commanded, however the dog refused to listen and come inside. The heat was unbearable, I could not blame the dog.  I could smell sweat on the bedroom blankets.

I lay down on the bed and the room was completely, black. I heard the buzzing of the spinning fan.  The fan noise put me to sleep.

Suddenly, I was propelled into a dream state. I looked up and saw motel with pine trees by it.  I saw Christina my youngest child standing outside the motel.

Me and Christina were watching a massive orange cloud. it appeared.  coming from the north. There was woods and a pine forest. I could smell pine in the air. A cool northern breeze blew with black smoke.

The motel was in the north somewhere.  The fire started in the north. It looked like orange cloud.  The fire was so enormous it emanated  the entire northern sky. Me and Christina leaned out the motel window and saw the fire burning in the north horizon. I saw massive orange cloud it expanded across the horizon for thousand of miles.

I opened the cabin window and peered and stuck, my head out. I listened for some, sound, for few minutes, I was startled and shut the window. There was no sound. It was complete silence. I looked out the motel window it was pine trees miles high I saw the sign it said north. it was in front of me.  Then I saw an orange cloud coming at us. it expanded across the North horizon. All I heard was silence.

I Stepped outside and listened, for a moment. It was quite. I turned my head and looked around and saw no people.

The town appeared to be vacant. The people I assumed , had gone up north to battle the giant orange cloud. Me and Christina turned and faced each other in shock and were alarmed. There was no one outside. I think other people were hiding in their cabins scared. I saw pine trees. I saw I saw north pines and woods. I saw deep northern woods. It was north.  I saw the sign Canada when faced the North. I saw the United States borders near Canada.  The town remained silent.  The great fire lit up the northern sky and nothing could stop it.


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