Terrifying dreams of World War Three


Terriflying Dreams Of World War 3

I saw the moon two weeks ago and it was blood red at 3am. In the book of Revolution in the bible that is warning from God.

I keep having dreams of World War 3. I am working a lot but when I get some rest these dreams reoccur. The first dream came about a year ago in the dead of winter. It was a bitter cold January night of 2012. I was asleep and it was a Tuesday night. In the dream I saw the North Korea leader talking to secret men in a laboratory. These men were scientists. They looked Korean or Asian. They had on white scientist uniforms They all had straight, black hair and brown eyes. There were only about three main scientists. These scientists were working on nuclear war heads. These men were instructed to aim them at the United States. There were lights and buttons on the machines. These machines were made of iron. These were giant war heads. This was a secret laboratory.

The next dream came two years later. This dream happened after the red moon I saw about a month ago.

Well I dreamed that there were thousands of homeless people walking for hundreds of miles. In this dream there are no cars, buses or any transportation. There are people walking mostly adults. Lots of strangers walking. I did not see too many families. I did not see my family. I had a ripped shirt. I walked with a blanket over my top. There was no water or food. Me along with the people walking only had the clothes on our backs. We walked for miles. I saw I39 route and dry roads. I walked and told the others that I did not want to move south. We saw California hit. it was desert wasteland, only orange desert dust.

The people in the group told me that I had to walk south and continue. There was no other option for us. I walked on for days and finally we reached the hills and dry desert land. I could see a large body of water. It looked like the ocean. I could see the bright orange sun in the horizon. The group seemed to be headed toward the ocean town in the distance. We all smiled with hope and happiness.

These dreams are so real like, that they startle me. I really think that they just may happen.



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