Dream of West Mesa serial Killer

I was standing there and it was like watching a motion picture.  He was a white male with straight brown hair. He had on a dark shirt and blue jeans. He was in his early 30s There was desert land and rugged area And there were rocks and lots of desert and sand hills. Flat desert land then a hill with a rocks and desert plants. Near the hill I saw this man with a young teenage girl she look lifeless. He took her body and lifted it carefully. He lifted it into a shallow grave. He started to dig and put desert dirt over he body. It was a cool night and everything looked hazy in the dark. The man kept burying the girl’s body. That is when I woke up from my dream.

This dream happened about 4 years ago when I was working a lot and had finally rested after working 60 plus hours. But still, I can see the killer as plain as day. Right after the dream I saw the news for the Mesa area. I had applied for an evidence technician job. Weeks later no reply for employment. So I looked on the internet and saw The mesa news. I was shocked to see they had a serial killer killing young women in the 118 district area in Mesa. I finally called the Mesa cops about the dream. I still got no response. There is a $100,000 reward to catch the Mesa serial killer. The killing started in 2003 they lasted until 2009. Some of the girls were prostitutes. Now the prostitutes that are still working in the mesa area take extreme caution. They look at every John they have contact with and look for ways to get out if something is not right. The killer is still loose and it still has Mesa on edge.


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