The grim reaper

Ring , ring, the phone rang. I ran to pick the phone receiver.  “”Robin you uncle John Pratt has died.” I could hear my older sister, Connie sad voice on the phone . “Robin the funeral is in Georgia for John Pratt our uncle.” “Goodbye.” Connie hung up the phone.   I hung up the receiver speechless.  I did not expect my Uncle John Pratt to die so suddenly.  Hot tears ran down my eyes.  John had not talked to me since my Aunt Linda died in 2002.  The year now was 2014  I had talked to John Pratt as child. I still was sad about our distance. But I knew John was not a real good man.  John Pratt had cheated on my Aunt Linda. When my Aunt Linda died.  John Pratt brought his new girl friend to my Aunt Linda’s funeral.

I had been arguing at work about going to my uncles funeral.  I was having problems with work people.  Mark and Rhonda  seemed to stir up trouble. and the team  did not utter a word or get me a card when my uncle died.  They l looked at me with cold stares and silence. I realized,  I could not go to the funeral in Georgia  because,  I was never invited.  However, none of my family was invited to my Uncle John Pratt funeral  in Georgia on October 2014.  John new wife did not allow Linda Pratt family to Attend John Pratt funeral.

“Mom, don’t go to work. I am scared.” Christina was 12 years and ran up to me scared. Christina had dark brown hair with blue eyes. he eyes looked frightened.

“Mom I keep seeing this black caped man no face and skeleton arms and hands. This thing has no face. And it had silver thing that he carries in his hands. ”

I looked the description she talked about on the internet.  I knew what Christina had seen .   The grim reaper.

I stayed home that weekend.  Christina keep seeing the grim reaper.  “let go to sleep now Christina.” I shut the light she crawled in to bedroom and put blanket over her. I shut her bedroom door.  “Thud, Thud.” Christian opened up the bedroom door. “Mom, don’t shut the door.” ” Why cant I shut the door to your room, so you go to sleep?  “Mom I keep seeing the grim reaper walking through the house.” Christina replied.  I left light on and tried to fall asleep.  “Mom, come by me. don’t leave me alone. ” “Christina what is the reaper doing?”  “The grim reaper keep walking through our house.”  ” Well is walking by us?” “Mom, he walking up and down the house looking at me with blank face.” ” His bony fingers are holding  a sickle.” The room was pitch black and I was scared after she said that. I jumped and turned on the light.

“Christina is he gonna take one of us?”  I was shaking in fear at that point. ” I not sure mom .” “He keep walking up down the house staring right at me. ” Christina shook in fear her eyes look terrified.  “Don’t leave me alone mom.” I stood Christina praying out loud shaking in fear.

Ring, ring phone rang again.  “Robin don’t worry, we not going to John Pratt funeral.”  Johns new wife does not want us there” “We were not invited.” Connie hung up phone quietly. I sat down in disbelief.  John Pratt new wife was wicked also.

That was John Pratt’s funeral. I went to work and Christina stayed home turned on all the house lights. I had work I was a single mother .

That week funeral John Pratt was finally to rest and then grim reaper stopping appearing once John Pratt my laid into the ground.

The sickle I looked up in the bible. In the book of Revelations it talks about an angel who carries a sickle to harvest souls.









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