Indiana killer Dream

He was large man with broad hands, and brown hair. . He was in the occult. He picked up a stick and picked at the ground.  He hid in the woods watching . Number two was important to him. The number that he wanted was two.  Two meant in the Occult world this is Christ like .  He watched in the trees for a chance to grab two girls.

He came a long distance in the woods. waited in the woods for hours. People walked past him. They did not take notice of him hiding in the woods. When they looked toward him, he looked at the ground and looked busy. Many hikers  walked past him. He parked his car at a distance, hidden in the woods.

This day was important to him to find the number 32.  He wanted to kill on 2/13/17 to mirror the last killing he did on 2/13/12.  He wanted the number to 32.  To represent 32 bones broken when hung on the cross. He also knew the woods. He studied them before he struck. He walked the woods for while. He had planned this attack well. He come walking on the bridge from a distance. He saw only the two girls and they did not notice him until the last second, before he pulled the gun on right pocket.  He walked up on them on the old bridge and one the girls pulled out a camera.  The blond girl with pretty face looked at him alarmed.  She raised up the camera and shot his photo on the bridge

He waited for a chance.  He possibly, waited for minutes.  to get his moment. He had a gun in his right pocket hidden. He spotted two girls and saw people walking and laughing.  He stood behind a tree. to remain hidden.  When crowd left and the two girls behind.  He shouted  “Down the hill. ” at the two girls and pointed his pistol at them.  The gun waved in the cold air.  The slight breeze. The girls were terrified.  The man was alone. He dressed on baggy clothes. and had his hood up to disguise his face. His cold eyes, stared blankly.

This man goes to parks to hunt children . The California man spotted at the park watching kids is the same man as the Depha Indiana teen killers Williams,  and the Iowa teen killers Cook and Collins.





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