Joe Peck

His name was Joe Peck . His life was a train wreck. He smoked like a chimney. He looked like James Dean. He had on worn blue jeans. It was Halloween night, and with a long drag of cigarette.  Joe, exhaled a thick puff of smoke in the bitter cold October night.

Standing on the front porch. Joe, brushed the dirty blond hair out of his eyes,  with a sweep of his hand. Joe stood there and stared  blankly into the darkness, and uttered not a word.

Tara stood at the open door her brown chestnut hair was straight and neatly combed. Tara’s hair was tied back  with tight, hair pins, pulling on her hair.  With a begging tone Tara pleaded. “Mom can he stay for the night he has nowhere to go.” Tara looked at me with tired blue eyes.”  Tara stood at the open door with pleading look. “Tara, where did he come from?” I asked irritated.   Joe started at me with a blank stare. His gaze remained steady and unfixed.  “Mom, he got thrown out his house, his mother and father are dead.”  He has nowhere to go.” Tara stood at the open door with pleading eyes.  I glanced at Joe, briefly.  Joe reminded me of lost puppy .   To me, Joe was another animal that Tara dragged in the house.  Joe simply, was another lost pet to add to Tara’s collection.




The family is Broken

The date was Thursday March 31, 2016 . I  knew I was supposed to be happy. This particular day  happened to be my father’s Richard’s birthday. It  was an unseasonable cold March day. The rain fell, from the dark grey skies. Rain drops pounded on the pavement.  A  winter breeze blew and shook,  my winter coat. Unsettling, as the morning was, Christina ran  and her  brown hair flew up, caught by the chilling  winter wind . Christina turned back and glanced quickly, remembering she had forgotten her hat.   He hair snapped. in the cold breeze,  she looked at me with tired blue eyes.  “Mom, can we go back home and get my hat?””I forgot my hat.” She turned and looked, at me  appearing  pale and  fragile.  Christina stretched her long pale hand,  and suddenly grabbed the hat off my head. My hair flew up in the air. We both turned and proceeded to run. Both of us were tired and exhausted,  the court case seemed to have a draining effect on both of us.

Suddenly, at 9:00 am the  Catholic Church bell  rang .  The church bells chimed and  echoed,  throughout the town.  The Catholic church was across the street from the court-house.  It was a tall cathedral building, that cast a dark shadow over the court-building.  Me and Christina ran frantically,  time was spinning out of control.  I  knew we were in a race . Christina ran up the cold steps. She grabbed her chest and was gasping for air . Christina bent over and struggled to breathe. Christina turned to me and yelled. “I have asthma again, mom.”  “Mom, I forgot my inhaler.” The steps lead to the entrance of the Winnebago County Illinois Courthouse.  A  bitter cold wind blew through the court-house steps. Large in bold number  scrawled  on the concrete steps was numbers was 666 in chalk.  Christina looked and saw the numbers she  jumped back in terror.  We both looked at each other in disbelief and knew this was a ominous sign. 


Cops do listen to gifted Psychics secretely

am starting to become a Psychic Detective, secretly. I have had several dreams about some famous homicides.

I had a dream about a homicide and the police listened to me online. However the police won’t mail me evidence, or meet with me in person so I can do a reading. The police have called me on the phone for help.

I have worked with a few police departments online with some famous cases.

I am working with a Cook County Lawyer to help her with cases. I usually view a photo of a case. I will look on the internet. Then sometimes I dream of the events of the homicide. I can touch an object and dream about the events sometimes. I a natural. I don’t do tarot cards, or any paranormal things. I just pray a lot and then can see spirits or dream of events.

Cops do listen to gifted psychics,  who can give accurate descriptions of the homicide and killer. The Psychic Detective who often views the killers features and homicide in vision or dream are rather vague. It is hard to see these killers in dreams. All I see is the killer in the dark, or in obscurity. We often don’t see addresses or numbers. I see a homicide taking place and the building and the place where the killer buries them. The flashed of images psychics get are pieces of puzzle. I am actually working with several police departments about my dreams. When I touch an object of a homicide victim. or a photo, It is like a flash of a movie being show in front of my eyes.

I  have an ability to touch an object, and if there was traumatic or a violent death, then the object gives off an energy. The objects can be jewelry, shoe, clothing, letters, or a photo.  This energy is called psychic telemetry.

When I take the object home. I usually dream of the events. Like a psychic detective. I am working with several police departments. online to solve crime.  I can also view a photo and look at before I fall asleep. This is called remote viewing.  Then I will dream of the events.   I can got to a crime scene at night with a camera and usually see spirits. especially if it is a foggy night. The Psychic Detectives see the spirits because there is a residual energy at the crime scene.

Cops do keep psychics at a distance but do secretly use them to help with new leads in the cases. Most police departments are hesitant to use psychics. I believe psychics should be utilized to help law enforcement to solve cold cases or the missing.



Missing boy dream

I was looking at a news notice about a Pekin Illinois boy missing. Robert B. Bee was last seen at 11 a.m. In Pekin. The boy is four-foot-six-inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, and has red hair and blue eyes. He has a rash on his left cheek from poison ivy, and was last seen wearing a red and gray shirt, blue jeans and red Nike shoes, police said.

Monday, November 28, 2016 05:16PM

PEKIN, Ill.  A 13-year-old Pekin, Ill., boy missing since Nov. 11 has sparked an endangered missing person advisory, Illinois State Police said Monday.

Pekin is located just outside Peoria, which is about 170 miles southwest of Chicago. Anyone with information about this endangered missing person should call the Pekin Police Department at 309-346-3132.

I had a dream about this boy on Last Monday. I looked at the boys photos online, then fell asleep and dreamed this dream. I saw the river Mercer. or town of Mercer

A boy fell into a river  and his dad was looking for him. It looked like this Robert Bee, boy.

The dream was odd and obscure.  I am not sure why. This father figure, had a hard time with him. The boy was in the lake,  and the police came and dragged him out. This father figure was upset. the father figure name started with a K. and he was mad at the boy.  He screamed the boy was a problem child. I think this father figure hated the boy.  He may be involved in his disappearance.

The dream is about the missing boy. I am sure this is the Pekin missing boy. In the dream the boy was hard to handle. The boy was dark hair straight and looked young.  The dream showed day time and by a river.  The father figure with the police there.

The police in uniform pull  the boy out of the water. The boy was not alive. I saw the father figure a white man in his 30s with straight brown hair , yelling.  This man was yelling how rotten the boy was to the police.

What so unsettling about this dream was. The father figure was there,  his letter was a K. when police pull the boy out of the water dead. The father figure is screaming how terrible and hard to handle the boy was to the  police.

The dream showed the water was not frozen. The father figure had no heavy coat on and there were several police in uniforms and squad cars.  It was a bright sunny day. The water was not frozen when the find the boy. It was a remote area, a house but no docks. There was tall weeds. There was a road by the side of the river. This road has flooded in the past..

The Pekin boy has been missing since. November 18, 2016

Emergency Dreams


It was a hot July my son Mykel, had just come from Kansas to nag me to purchase a truck, for him. This week was a work, week. I had worked at my jobs building cars for over a year and was waiting for a peaceful time at home gardening and cleaning and taking care of my bills, over the weekend “Ring.” I picked the receiver of the phone half asleep. I reached over and grabbed the black large button wireless phone off the receiver. I had to roll off and almost tripped. I was real groggy, after working a 10 hours shift in extreme heat. “Hello, who is this?” “Mom it is Mykel, I want to come up there, to grab my clothes,  I left them at your house.” Mykel has recently moved out. We had been bickering back and forth. “Well come on up, and get your clothes.” I laid the black V Tech phone back in its receiver not thinking of anything other than sleep.

A week passed and vacation week was coming up in a few days. Quite by surprise stood, Mykel who was at my front door knocking on it. I was asleep again I had worked a 10 hour shift. I was sleeping in a cool air-conditioned room when I heard the familiar knock of my son Mykel. Tap, Tap, Tap, I saw Mykel standing by the door. I could see through our glass window his 6 foot 3 frame outside my front door. He stood there with is black travel bag in his hand. Mykel looked at me sheepishly as he stood waiting for me to answer the front door. I opened the white steel door, I turned the door knob. I felt apprehension my to see my son. But still was a little happy to see him again. As the door swung open he bent over and grabbed his black travel bag. Mykel large hand swung the travel bag into my house. “Hi, mom how are you doing?” Mykel looked at me sheepishly. ” How did you get here?” I asked Mykel. Mykel responded “Cory, drove me from the Clock Tower.” Mykel had taken a plane from the Midway Airport and taken the Van Guilder bus to get here. Mykel took off again and walked out the door. “My friends have not seen me in a while.” Mykel hair was all messy, he had wavy hair and he tied it back in a pony tail. Mykel grabbed the door knob. Mykel closed the door behind him. Mykel was gone as quickly as he had come in the house. The house was silent once again. The time said 10 Am. I went into the bedroom and put on the air conditioner and shut the bedroom door behind me. I lay on the bed and fell fast asleep.

The week proceeded as normal. Mykel stayed at his friends. I was working going back and forth from my job to my house to sleep. Once the week was over. Mykel appeared at my house again. He was in the house when I woke up from sleep I heard the phone ringing and saw Mykel pick up the phone. “Mom it is my friend on the phone.” Mykel grabbed the phone He had on a black concert shirt. I turned back into my room with the air conditioner on. I closed the brown wooded door. I climbed back into the covers and fell asleep. I feel asleep for several hours. Then a warning dream came to me.

In the dream I heard the name Doug or Dillon. I saw the phone ringing emergency. It rang emergency over and over. Doug and Dillon emergency.

The phone keep ringing over and over emergency Doug and Dillon, I woke up from the dream and proceeded to prepare my lunch for work.

A few weeks later I got a phone call that Dillon a friend of Doug had some people ready to hurt him, or possibly kill him. Dillon has a drug problem meth and some meth people were looking for him.

About a month later I got a phone call from Kansas Doug my ex husband had an emergency. His tooth became infected and his face swelled up. My son called me on the phone. “Mom, dad is real sick.” “Dad, has a tooth that is infected and now his face is all swelled up.” “Mom he can’t eat, drink or even sleep.” “Mom I am not sure but he may die.”

I was shook up by my accurate warning dream predictions, because they actually came true.

Spirit turned on the gas

There a part shortage at work. No gas caps for the cars we were building. The supplier in Indiana got hit by a tornado and the semi trucks could not get the supplies for a couple of weeks. The supplies are supposed to be trucked up to northern Illinois. But since the tornado hit the supplier we could not build our cars in the factory. Well we had enough build to finish out our work week. We were told at work we were going to be laid off for 10 days to further notice. This lay off would affect about 3000 employees.

While all this was gong on going on in my work week I had another incident. While working in the factory the overhead light right by me shorted out. Then a day later in the parking lot all the parking lot street lights went out. The plant told me later for maintenance of the parking lot. It was so dark that morning I got out that I could not find my car in the dark. It was 4:30 am and a cloudy morning. That morning I arrived home and went to sleep. I turned on the air conditioner in my bedroom and shut the door. I was praying right before I fell asleep for God to forgive all my family members who have gone to purgatory or hell. I saw the morning sun coming up and put a black towel over my eyes and head to fall asleep. To block the morning sun peeking through the curtain in the bedroom window.

That Thursday afternoon I woke up at 2:30 pm. I opened up my bedroom door to the alarm sounding. I smelled gas as I opened up the door. I bent over and looked at the stove as I put my coffee in the microwave to wake up and noticed the gas still spewing out, sleepy. Immediately, I shut off the single gas burner spewing out gas. The room was filled with noxious gas fumes. I turned on all air conditioners and turned on vent fans on stove to get the gas out of the house. A few minutes later as I was packing my lunch for work. I got a phone call from Kansas my adult kids had a gas leak in their mobile home. The gas company went to their mobile home turned on the gas at 2 pm and discovered a massive leak. They fixed one gas pipe and then discovered another gas leak.

Now a few months earlier in the winter I woke up to 3 burners with gas spewing out. I blamed my son.  My son wanted money that day. I was telling him to go and get a job we were arguing and I was working and woke up to gas fumes spewing while me and my daughter was asleep. My son was awake in his room playing video games. Now my point really is I woke up to gas fumes this time and it was a prediction again. My adult kids had a massive gas leak in their mobile home and my  prediction was right on.

I can see evil

I  can see evil in people eyes. Many times I have encountered evil and gotten away. I have always been able to sense evil in people’s eyes . When I was 9  in Cannon Falls Minnesota.  I met some boys I sensed a presence of darkness the second I met them. With their  cold blue silent stares, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. They both glared at me as they brushed their blond hair out of their eyes.  They both stared at me without even speaking a word.

“Sean, Sean.”  I walked looking for my little brother in a field across the street from my house. The air was silent, my voice echoed in the dark woods. It was a cool Minnesota morning I had on a sweater but the jacket was light,  and did not take the cold chill out of the air. I carried a knife with me. I had a warning dream about some boys the night before.  I went looking for my little brother Sean,  who ran off often. My mother had sent me out to look for him. I sensed  something was going to happen to me. I saw my mother standing by the door. She had her hair in a Retro 60s Hairstyles she looked like a young, Priscilla Presley. “Carri go and find your brother.” When mom gave a command I had to obey, even if my sixth, sense told me no. “Mom I don’t want to go into that field.” Mom, raised up her thin white finger at me  and pointed in the direction my brother ran off. “Carri, now go and find your brother now.” Mom green eyes looked angrily at me.  I simply obeyed my mother without question , even knowing my life would be in danger. I simply, obeyed my mother and ran off across the street to the field. The wind blew a cool breeze, it was an early fall day.

“Sean, Sean, where are you?” I called out several times. Finally real far away I caught a glimpse of my brother Sean. Sean was running up and down trees and weeds. I could see grass. Then my brother ran off I chased him. “Sean, go home.” All of the sudden two boys were behind me. The boy Mike pushed me to the ground and the boy Mark tried to pull my pants down. I got up fast and pulled out a knife out of my pocket. The butter knife was in my hand. The metal glisten in the sunshine. Mike tall with blue eyes and blond hair. “She has a knife.” One boy yelled “Get out of here” “She is gonna cut us.” The blond boys ran off like bandits with their jackets waving in the strong wind. The boy ran off terrified of the knife . The blond bandits never messed with me again. After that encounter I always carried a knife on me.

Later in life as I grew older I saw a man in an elevator. I was at a doctor’s office. I saw the man looking at me. He was Mexican, his eyes were dark brown. I looked into his eyes as he was staring at me. our eyes meet eye to eye. His brown eyes  I saw evil. I read murder in his eyes. He was a killer. I knew he was a gang member. I sensed that in the elevator. I did not say a word to him just read his thoughts and could see he was a gang member.

Another friend of my sons his friend’s name was Mark was clean-cut, blond hair and blue eyes, had also a goatee. Mark was also was cunning and evil. Mark I could read his thoughts. I read my dad has killed someone. I saw the devil patting this man on the back. This man was a pot, drug dealer friend of my son. My son has since moved away. So has this friend.

One time , I was going to the grocery store. I was done shopping at Walmart. It was 8 pm and very dark, no stars were in the night sky.   I was walking to my car.  A woman approached me  about 20 very pretty brown hair, blue brown eyes. She came about 5 feet from me.  She had nose piercing. She mumbled something under her breath.  At that instant,  I detected pure demonic evil. I looked into her eyes and told her. “get away, from me I yelled get away from me.” the brunetee woman simply walked away . I saw someone sitting in a car with black out windows. The license plate had no light on it.

 The girl walked up to the car and talked to the people in the car. The brunette started to talk to people coming out of Walmart stores I could not hear what they were saying. . A few days later I saw the brunette on the news. The brunette picture with two other people were shown on the news caught for robbery of a middle-aged woman and elderly woman. The robbers had come from Chicago to rob people in this town.


Something Calling My Name

Groggy I slept most of the late night , and into the afternoon. Praying a Catholic prayer and I was in a semi sleep state, looking at the ceiling in bedroom.  All of a sudden I heard an alto angelic voice calling my name. “Carri, Carri.” The alto angel keep calling my name. I woke up at 7:30 am from this loud alto voice calling my name over and over.


Praying the Apostle’s Creed Catholic prayer. And then I heard this voice calling my name loud. Enough to wake me up out of a dead sleep. The voice keep saying my name and really scared me, waking me up out of a dead sleep. “Carri, Carri.”

Shortly after that I briefly awaken with a ” ring, ring, ” and got a phone call . My stepson Eric got locked up in jail. The cops ran his plates and he was at a job interview in Wisconsin and he had a warrant. At 11 am Eric was a at job interview in Wisconsin and the cops arrested him at the job interview.

Then at 12 pm I got a call from my ex husband Doug that he has only. 49 cent in his bank account. And he has not worked in 2 weeks. My adult kids live with my ex husband.

Now later that day. A younger person I had known in the past as a distant friend wanted a ride Mark. He got thrown out of his house. The women he lived with had a fight. Needless to say I ended up driving Mark all over town and no one would take him in. I finally got home at 4 am. Mark sneaked his way into the house he had left.

Now possibly the angel voice was warning me about my step son Erik? Or maybe , the angel or spirit was warning about all the days events. Needless to say. I got home and collapsed.

The crow cawing at my bedroom window

Caw, Caw, I recognized the family cry outside my bedroom window. I had been praying that evening to find a missing Pekin boy. The crow called loud deafening cries outside my cold December bedroom window. The loud “Caw, Caw, woke me up from a dead sound sleep. I was praying about the missing Pekin boy in Pekin Illinois. The boy is 13-year-old Robert Bee. I was praying that night. It was a bitter cold morning when I heard the cry of the crow. The crow keep calling to me. Until I woke up and peered out my bedroom window to catch a glimpse of the annoying shriek noises. The noises disturbed my sleep. I only felt disturbed and annoyed from my slumber. My German Sheppard Oden only confounded by my annoyance.

Oden was wanting in and out of the house. The minute I opened the back Kitchen door. The black German Sheppard sprang and ran. I heard Oden start to bark. “Bark, Bark.” The dog simply would not stop barking. Oden’s barking would not let anyone sleep on the city block. I had to let Oden in and out of the house. I finally brought Oden in and fell asleep. I woke up late at 3 pm. I called into work again that day. Simply from lack of sleep. That night I realized The Black crow was a sign from the spirit realm.

Crows see the spirit realms before we can see them. This crow was yelling to me “caw, caw.” So the crow is seeing something and wants me to see I get messages from the spirit realm sometimes. I get dreams and visions and she see the spirit right away. I go to work every day. But being afraid I called in last 2 nights. I prayed last night and then the crow came again. That was why I was scared. The crow was seeing something I think and warning me to open up my spirit eyes crows see spirit realm before we do.

The crow is known as the ominous omen of death because it is the harbinger that guides souls from the realm of the living into the afterlife. The crow has a powerful knowledge of the changes of life and death and the changes in the cycles of life. So when a crow appears, it can be a warning or a spiritual blessing.

It is said that when death is near, a crow will come to a window or near a home repeatedly for several days before the passing takes place. After someone has passed, a crow will visit the home again in the same way. This is a symbol of a special message from the one who has just passed and it’s important to pay attention to when and where the crow appears as it’s a telling sign of the message being sent.

However, the crow has been waking me up for days with the “caw, “caw. Over and over. Simply from me asking God what happened to the missing Pekin boy. It can be frightening to being a psychic person the message come in strange ways you just have to pay attention.

I was praying over the cases and a crow keep coming by window waking me out calling out me out with its loud gravely voice

By my window. This crow calling me out scared me. So I woke up. I simply was startled. I knew that crows signify death. And had been praying over the boy.

Crows also foretell the future. It may mean something supernatural. After all the crow noise was real loud noise harsh caw.

The crow saw the spirit realm. The bird is beckon me to use my 2nd site, the 6th sense gift of clairvoyance. The gift of clairvoyance is the gift to see in the spirit realm. But, nothing escapes the keen eye of the crow in the spiritual or physical realm.

The demon in the oak tree

The Demon in the Oak Tree

Posted on August 16, 2011

The Oak tree in my back yard, holds a demon that tries to get into my home and whispers Latin in my ear. The demon tries to get into my house at least once, every day. For 2 straight weeks I saw the demon looking at me. His menacing eyes stare back at me. I try to look away and ignore him. At night I go to sleep and can see him standing by my window peering at me. His dark shadow and black eyes torment me.

A few weeks after seeing the demon. A teenager was shot and killed on 16th ave The demon stopped appearing by the Oak tree. But the 19 year old was shot 4 blocks in the location of where my Oak tree sits in my back yard. The demon stopped appearing to me after the shooting.
Another night the demon was watching me again. The Oak tree held the demon in it. He stayed in the tree staring at me until there was another fatal shooting on Broadway in the direction of the Oak tree.

Every time there is a gang shooting near my house I see a demon several days before the shooting. The demon appears looking at me. He tries to scare me. He tries to get into my home and whisper Latin to me and my daughter.Me and my child put on crosses and pray for God’s protection.

A sinister man walks down Harrison at 4 am. He is tall with a square jaw. He has on rubber boots and rubber gloves. He walks down Harrison through winter and summer. He appears to work in a local factory on 20th street. I sense something evil about this man, possible mental illness. This man brushed up against my car one night on Harrison at 3:30 am. He looked like he was trying to get into my car. But he brushed against my car and made it appear like an accident.

A black cat was dropped off at my home about 2 months ago. The black cat growls at the little kitten in my home. The black cat has become meaner to the little cat. I often throw the black cat out. I never wanted the cat. It appears evil at time also.  My 18 year old son appears evil at times. He does not believe in Jesus or the Devil. he yells at lot. Hopefully he will graduate and leave someday.