Emily Anderson Abduction Dream.


Dark hair hung in her eyes. Emily was tired and had been working in bar in the night shift.  She cast her head down in the parking lot.  Emily walked slow and was  tired from working all day In a bar. She hung her friends at another bar, Only a  few hours prior.  But busy work day and active night life got Emily tired the fatigue from her busy night hit her. She was really tired. Emily walked her head cast down looking at the ground.  Emily had head cast down,  and was looking down.

Suddenly a white man walked up to her.  He live near the Steak and Shake in Machesy Park Illinois. He walked 3 miles to reach Emily. He had seen her before.  He knew what time she went to Steak and Shake.  This white man had brown straight hair. He had large over coat on. The man walked toward Emily and pulled out a gun out of his over coat. The silver stuck out in front of him. There was silence.  No one was in the parking lot. The man silver gun reflected in the early morning sunlight.  The white man instructed Emily to get into silver Pontiac Grand Am car. The man held his gun close to her in front of her. They both got into the silver Pontiac Grand Am,  and drove away.  I saw the man put her in river. she dead now in the river. her face is decaying . This is my dream of the case.

Emily Anderson vanished from Love Park Illinois.  Anderson drives a 2002 Silver Pontiac Grand Am with Illinois plates V414149.
Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Emily Anderson is asked to contact Loves Park Police at 815-654-5015, or 815-282-2600.

The Loves Park Police Department is asking for the local public’s assistance in locating missing 25 year old Emily Anderson out of the Loves Park, Illinois area.
Emily was last seen in the early morning hours of Monday June 19, 2017.  After finishing her shift at Shooters, she stopped by Neighbors Bar and Grill and the Steak ‘n Shake, and was last seen in the dream in parking lot.
Emily never arrived at her home in Loves Park and has not been heard from since.  Her phone has been turned off or is now dead since that time.  Emily has epilepsy and is without her necessary medication. She may only have enough supply to last her about 9 more days and requires this daily.  She wears contact lenses or black framed glasses and has piercings in her ears and nose.  Emily also has multiple tattoos of a large pendant on her chest, a Phoenix on her left arm, and swirling books on her right arm.  When last seen, Emily was wearing black pants and a white shirt.
She drives a silver 2-door 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, GT with Illinois plates V414149 and the front bumper has damage below the fog lights towards the passenger side.  Her disappearance is very out of character and her family and friends are very concerned for her well-being. Her community has now raised $12,000 for her safe return or credible information on her whereabouts

Indiana killer Dream

He was large man with broad hands, and brown hair. . He was in the occult. He picked up a stick and picked at the ground.  He hid in the woods watching . Number two was important to him. The number that he wanted was two.  Two meant in the Occult world this is Christ like .  He watched in the trees for a chance to grab two girls.

He came a long distance in the woods. waited in the woods for hours. People walked past him. They did not take notice of him hiding in the woods. When they looked toward him, he looked at the ground and looked busy. Many hikers  walked past him. He parked his car at a distance, hidden in the woods.

This day was important to him to find the number 32.  He wanted to kill on 2/13/17 to mirror the last killing he did on 2/13/12.  He wanted the number to 32.  To represent 32 bones broken when hung on the cross. He also knew the woods. He studied them before he struck. He walked the woods for while. He had planned this attack well. He come walking on the bridge from a distance. He saw only the two girls and they did not notice him until the last second, before he pulled the gun on right pocket.  He walked up on them on the old bridge and one the girls pulled out a camera.  The blond girl with pretty face looked at him alarmed.  She raised up the camera and shot his photo on the bridge

He waited for a chance.  He possibly, waited for minutes.  to get his moment. He had a gun in his right pocket hidden. He spotted two girls and saw people walking and laughing.  He stood behind a tree. to remain hidden.  When crowd left and the two girls behind.  He shouted  “Down the hill. ” at the two girls and pointed his pistol at them.  The gun waved in the cold air.  The slight breeze. The girls were terrified.  The man was alone. He dressed on baggy clothes. and had his hood up to disguise his face. His cold eyes, stared blankly.

This man goes to parks to hunt children . The California man spotted at the park watching kids is the same man as the Depha Indiana teen killers Williams,  and the Iowa teen killers Cook and Collins.




The grim reaper

Ring , ring, the phone rang. I ran to pick the phone receiver.  “”Robin you uncle John Pratt has died.” I could hear my older sister, Connie sad voice on the phone . “Robin the funeral is in Georgia for John Pratt our uncle.” “Goodbye.” Connie hung up the phone.   I hung up the receiver speechless.  I did not expect my Uncle John Pratt to die so suddenly.  Hot tears ran down my eyes.  John had not talked to me since my Aunt Linda died in 2002.  The year now was 2014  I had talked to John Pratt as child. I still was sad about our distance. But I knew John was not a real good man.  John Pratt had cheated on my Aunt Linda. When my Aunt Linda died.  John Pratt brought his new girl friend to my Aunt Linda’s funeral.

I had been arguing at work about going to my uncles funeral.  I was having problems with work people.  Mark and Rhonda  seemed to stir up trouble. and the team  did not utter a word or get me a card when my uncle died.  They l looked at me with cold stares and silence. I realized,  I could not go to the funeral in Georgia  because,  I was never invited.  However, none of my family was invited to my Uncle John Pratt funeral  in Georgia on October 2014.  John new wife did not allow Linda Pratt family to Attend John Pratt funeral.

“Mom, don’t go to work. I am scared.” Christina was 12 years and ran up to me scared. Christina had dark brown hair with blue eyes. he eyes looked frightened.

“Mom I keep seeing this black caped man no face and skeleton arms and hands. This thing has no face. And it had silver thing that he carries in his hands. ”

I looked the description she talked about on the internet.  I knew what Christina had seen .   The grim reaper.

I stayed home that weekend.  Christina keep seeing the grim reaper.  “let go to sleep now Christina.” I shut the light she crawled in to bedroom and put blanket over her. I shut her bedroom door.  “Thud, Thud.” Christian opened up the bedroom door. “Mom, don’t shut the door.” ” Why cant I shut the door to your room, so you go to sleep?  “Mom I keep seeing the grim reaper walking through the house.” Christina replied.  I left light on and tried to fall asleep.  “Mom, come by me. don’t leave me alone. ” “Christina what is the reaper doing?”  “The grim reaper keep walking through our house.”  ” Well is walking by us?” “Mom, he walking up and down the house looking at me with blank face.” ” His bony fingers are holding  a sickle.” The room was pitch black and I was scared after she said that. I jumped and turned on the light.

“Christina is he gonna take one of us?”  I was shaking in fear at that point. ” I not sure mom .” “He keep walking up down the house staring right at me. ” Christina shook in fear her eyes look terrified.  “Don’t leave me alone mom.” I stood Christina praying out loud shaking in fear.

Ring, ring phone rang again.  “Robin don’t worry, we not going to John Pratt funeral.”  Johns new wife does not want us there” “We were not invited.” Connie hung up phone quietly. I sat down in disbelief.  John Pratt new wife was wicked also.

That was John Pratt’s funeral. I went to work and Christina stayed home turned on all the house lights. I had work I was a single mother .

That week funeral John Pratt was finally to rest and then grim reaper stopping appearing once John Pratt my laid into the ground.

The sickle I looked up in the bible. In the book of Revelations it talks about an angel who carries a sickle to harvest souls.








West Mesa Serial Killer Dream number 2

“Christina look at that photo.” I  pointed to the photo  on the internet. It was late at night,  3 am. It was  July 21, 2014. I laid down to sleep in my bedroom after being tired from working all week and had gone to a birthday party that later that day.

At 11pm I had tried to fall asleep. “Christina stop waking me up.” I yelled from my bedroom.  I could hear Oden outside in the back yard barking.  Slam , I could hear the back door slamming and Christina and Oden going in and out the back door.  “Oden stop winning.” I got up and saw Oden our German Sheppard tied to the front gutter of the house. I could hear the dog outside winning. “Christina stop taking the dog outside.” I yelled. I had just fallen asleep when the dog jolted me awake again.

I opened up my bedroom door and saw Christina leading Oden outside at 11:10 pm. I just gotten  back to sleep. Then about 15 minutes later I heard Oden my dog outside my front door Whining. “Whimper, Whimper.” I fell back asleep. I was jolted awake by the noise of a large crash outside my front door. Suddenly, Christina opened up the front door. And she had Oden our dog on a blue leash. ” Christina what was that noise outside our front door?” “Mom, just nothing.” She looked at me with blue eyes and straight brown hair. I then heard our cat Shadow outside crying for food. “Meow, Meow.” Shadow has a piercing cry that would grab anyone’s attention.

I opened up the white front door. I saw shadow my furry black cat sitting next to the blue recycle bins and next sitting below on the concrete, was a torn down front aluminum gutter. It had been completely torn from the top of the roof. “Christina did you tie Oden up to the front gutter.” “Christina looked at me sheepishly, no, mom I did not.” I stood in front of Christina with my arms folded in shock. ” Now I have another repair to add to the repair list.”

“Christina, you have a psychic mom, now do not lie to me.” Christina just looked at me and walked away. I did not pursue the mater any further. It was simply pointless, trying to argue with a 12-year-old.

Late at night. I got up and sat down at the computer. I could see Christina wanting to get on the computer. “now Christina you should be going to sleep at night. ” I knew that school started in one month. I knew Christina was a difficult child to control.

I started to look at the news and wondered what happened to some of the serial killers. I thought silently to myself,  why haven’t any of the killers been caught. Finally It was 2 am I got to the Mesa serial killer unsolved and read the news. ” Christina let mom concentrate on a picture it may help me dream about any events.”

I then left Christina at the computer at 2:30 am. I finally turned off the living room light. The room was dark now except the blue computer screen. But, finally, I got up. I could see Christina was glued to the computer screen. “Christina you really need to go to bed.” Christina sat at the computer singing a song on the internet.” I walked into Mykel room. It was a short distance.  I passed the stove and refrigerator. I then left the tiny kitchen to peer into Mykel’s room. Mykel was fast asleep with the air conditioner cranked on high, in his quaint room. Mykel’s long curly black hair was in his eyes. Mykel had a blanket on his body and Mykel’s long 6 foot 2 frame was almost too long for his bed. My son was fast asleep. I could hear the train horn sound several times outside my front door. The train sounded close, but it was really about 4 blocks from my home on 23rd ave. The echo of the train sounded. It’s roar of engine could be heard for miles. And the busy city lay silent at the 3am hour.

I quietly closed  Mykel’s bedroom door. I patted Oden asleep. My large Black Shepard lay asleep with tired sleepy eyes. I saw the dog steel black gate up by the living room. I pulled the gate aside and then put it back in place. The room was silent except Christina typing on the computer and the buzz of the living room air conditioner. I looked at the bedroom and silently walked to it. “Christina you need to go to bed.” Christina sat at the computer silently as I knew she would not listen to me.

I then lay silently on my bed in the bedroom and looked at the black round Elgin alarm clock. It was 3:30 am. It was Monday night. I lay in my bed with the fan blowing cool air on me. I prayed to Jesus to see things to come. I said the Lord’s prayer and then my last thoughts were about the Mesa 118th street killings wondering who did it. I lay asleep for several hours, and I started to dream.

I saw a dark-haired man white man.  he was neatly dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. This man was inside a hotel room. It was a hotel or two-story house. Outside there was a party. I could hear laughter and people walking in and out of the building . Men and women dressed in expensive clothes. There was a celebration outside.

It was late at night. I saw a beautiful blond teen girl.  Her hair was straight and long. She circled around this man flirting with this man. She was a  prostitute. She had on a white dress. This man talked to her calmly. This man was in his early 30s  and was smiling at the girl. He seemed very calm in nature. The man poured a drink for the girl and then him. The girl took the drink  and drank it casually and talked to this man. Then I saw the man put a powdery drug in her drink.

Then suddenly  the scene flashed to the blond teen girl. The girl had red blood spilled all over her white dress. Her hair and neck had  dried blood.  I could see she was dead. The man bent down and calmly put her in a grey body bag, and zipped it up. He lay the girl body bag on the floor.  He dressed her hair and prepared her like a mortician  I could see there also was another beautiful 20’s woman dead in another area of the room. She also was prepared like a mortician. He simply prepared her, cosmetically and dried the blood off. He finished and cleaned them up. This man stood calmly and drank a drink. It appeared like he had doe this before. He appeared to be a  someone with knowledge of forensics.

The dream flashed another image. All of a sudden, I saw about 7 more dead women, on the floor, and then I saw 10 spirits of other dead women he had murdered floating above him. As he was preparing the dead blond woman all the spirits of the murdered women appeared. The killer could not see them but I could see them as a spectator. I then woke up from the dream. I was startled I had slept for about 8 hours. I looked the clock and it was 11 am. I woke up and told the kids of the dream. The dream was so surreal it frightened me. I proceeded to carry on as normal and make the kids pancakes and bacon for mid morning breakfast.

Dream of West Mesa serial Killer

I was standing there and it was like watching a motion picture.  He was a white male with straight brown hair. He had on a dark shirt and blue jeans. He was in his early 30s There was desert land and rugged area And there were rocks and lots of desert and sand hills. Flat desert land then a hill with a rocks and desert plants. Near the hill I saw this man with a young teenage girl she look lifeless. He took her body and lifted it carefully. He lifted it into a shallow grave. He started to dig and put desert dirt over he body. It was a cool night and everything looked hazy in the dark. The man kept burying the girl’s body. That is when I woke up from my dream.

This dream happened about 4 years ago when I was working a lot and had finally rested after working 60 plus hours. But still, I can see the killer as plain as day. Right after the dream I saw the news for the Mesa area. I had applied for an evidence technician job. Weeks later no reply for employment. So I looked on the internet and saw The mesa news. I was shocked to see they had a serial killer killing young women in the 118 district area in Mesa. I finally called the Mesa cops about the dream. I still got no response. There is a $100,000 reward to catch the Mesa serial killer. The killing started in 2003 they lasted until 2009. Some of the girls were prostitutes. Now the prostitutes that are still working in the mesa area take extreme caution. They look at every John they have contact with and look for ways to get out if something is not right. The killer is still loose and it still has Mesa on edge.

Rainy looked me and shook her head. Her blond dyed hair was flying in front her face with the fan, spinning . “Carri, now just do what they  tell you.” I was stood  quietly routing all the cars at work. On  the deer stand. I saw Ricky the area manager standing at the exit deck looking at Rhonda with anger. Ricky glared Raneny our team leader as she talked on the phone. Ricky continued to glare at Raney shaking his head with disgust.

I stood on my job shaking, nervously trying do my job. Raney paced and appeared nervous.


Its a struggle to get the Ged

” “The truck is making noises.”  “I think I have to walk two and half miles to school.” “I guess I can take the city bus, with the money you gave me this week.” “Mom, I am trying to get my Ged.” The, money that I am supposed to use for the wisdom teeth extraction.”Mykel called me from Kansas. Sounding worried.

” I am laid off now and can’t help you and dad.”  “What is Autumn doing now?” “Is she  sleeping?” I hung up the phone unhappy. I had just helped them purchase a truck in July and was making the payments. I did not have more money.  .Mykel sounded worried calling me from Kansas. I put the phone receiver down and felt depressed.


Terrifying Dreams of World War 3 Part 2

Luke 21:25-26: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity and anguish at the roaring and tossing of the sea and the waves; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

Oden, stop that.” I reached my hand down to pet, my black German Sheppard. Oden was happy to see me and panted and barked to go outside. “ruff”.

It was a hot spring night. I had just gotten home from work. I bent over and turned the dial of the living room air conditioner. The ac started up and attempted to cool off the living room.

The dog had been locked up for 10 hours. I looked at the thermometer it said 76 degrees. I put my black German Sheppard Oden outside to cool him off.

I took off my dirty orange tennis shoes and tossed my car keys on my bedroom dresser in the dark. The bedroom was messy. Bags of clothes were piled up. There was no bedroom dresser. The mattress on the bed had a hole in it where the spring was coming out. I threw a blanket over the protruding spring that popped up.

The room was cool now. I had an air conditioner setting by my bed. I fumbled with the window screen. I put the air conditioner down in the room. It was stifling and unbearable to sleep. I reached my hand over and turned on the box fan.

I went to the door, and opened it. “Oden come in the house.” I commanded, however the dog refused to listen and come inside. The heat was unbearable, I could not blame the dog.  I could smell sweat on the bedroom blankets.

I lay down on the bed and the room was completely, black. I heard the buzzing of the spinning fan.  The fan noise put me to sleep.

Suddenly, I was propelled into a dream state. I looked up and saw motel with pine trees by it.  I saw Christina my youngest child standing outside the motel.

Me and Christina were watching a massive orange cloud. it appeared.  coming from the north. There was woods and a pine forest. I could smell pine in the air. A cool northern breeze blew with black smoke.

The motel was in the north somewhere.  The fire started in the north. It looked like orange cloud.  The fire was so enormous it emanated  the entire northern sky. Me and Christina leaned out the motel window and saw the fire burning in the north horizon. I saw massive orange cloud it expanded across the horizon for thousand of miles.

I opened the cabin window and peered and stuck, my head out. I listened for some, sound, for few minutes, I was startled and shut the window. There was no sound. It was complete silence. I looked out the motel window it was pine trees miles high I saw the sign it said north. it was in front of me.  Then I saw an orange cloud coming at us. it expanded across the North horizon. All I heard was silence.

I Stepped outside and listened, for a moment. It was quite. I turned my head and looked around and saw no people.

The town appeared to be vacant. The people I assumed , had gone up north to battle the giant orange cloud. Me and Christina turned and faced each other in shock and were alarmed. There was no one outside. I think other people were hiding in their cabins scared. I saw pine trees. I saw I saw north pines and woods. I saw deep northern woods. It was north.  I saw the sign Canada when faced the North. I saw the United States borders near Canada.  The town remained silent.  The great fire lit up the northern sky and nothing could stop it.

Terrifying dreams of World War Three


Terriflying Dreams Of World War 3

I saw the moon two weeks ago and it was blood red at 3am. In the book of Revolution in the bible that is warning from God.

I keep having dreams of World War 3. I am working a lot but when I get some rest these dreams reoccur. The first dream came about a year ago in the dead of winter. It was a bitter cold January night of 2012. I was asleep and it was a Tuesday night. In the dream I saw the North Korea leader talking to secret men in a laboratory. These men were scientists. They looked Korean or Asian. They had on white scientist uniforms They all had straight, black hair and brown eyes. There were only about three main scientists. These scientists were working on nuclear war heads. These men were instructed to aim them at the United States. There were lights and buttons on the machines. These machines were made of iron. These were giant war heads. This was a secret laboratory.

The next dream came two years later. This dream happened after the red moon I saw about a month ago.

Well I dreamed that there were thousands of homeless people walking for hundreds of miles. In this dream there are no cars, buses or any transportation. There are people walking mostly adults. Lots of strangers walking. I did not see too many families. I did not see my family. I had a ripped shirt. I walked with a blanket over my top. There was no water or food. Me along with the people walking only had the clothes on our backs. We walked for miles. I saw I39 route and dry roads. I walked and told the others that I did not want to move south. We saw California hit. it was desert wasteland, only orange desert dust.

The people in the group told me that I had to walk south and continue. There was no other option for us. I walked on for days and finally we reached the hills and dry desert land. I could see a large body of water. It looked like the ocean. I could see the bright orange sun in the horizon. The group seemed to be headed toward the ocean town in the distance. We all smiled with hope and happiness.

These dreams are so real like, that they startle me. I really think that they just may happen.


CPS lifetime of unspeakable hardship

I can only talk about these events now 30 years later . I have come to terms with the events. All of the people who caused this hardship and deception are now deceased. This story brings tears to my eyes. My brother Sean died in 1984. Sean was 17 in a car accident.

Since he is no longer with us I am here the only remaining member of my family to speak of the CPS horror. I am simply a witness to tell our story.

In 1971, I was a 7-year-old child. Sean my little brother was 5. We lived in Cannon Falls Minnesota. I went to Cannon Falls Elementary school. My teachers name was Mrs. Finnerty she was my second grade teacher. Mrs. Finnerty did not like me. She asked me to erase the chalk board. I told her no. She asked again. I told her no.

Standing in line with at least 10 children she came up to me raised her hand and slapped me across the face untill my cheek was red and I cried my eyes out. The teacher hauled me to the office saying I was the problem.

The office started to question me about my home life. The neighbors knew my mother had a mental illness and was watching me and my brother daily. The school made it look like my family was the problem. An investigation went on to my home. The state workers claimed we had no food in our home.

Me and my brother Sean were ordered to remain after school. Me and Sean shook with fright. I looked out the classroom window and told the teacher that my mom and dad wanted me home before dark. The Cannon Falls Elementary staff stood vigilant watching me and Sean so we would not try to escape. We remained in the room crying wanting to go home.

A Minnesota state employee came into the classroom and instructed the teacher to lead us to her car. Me and Sean put on our coats and were led out to the car outside the building. The state worker pulled me and Sean into her car. The car pulled away silently along with the school staff member. The staff member started waving goodbye.

Sean looked at me with sad tear filled eyes, and said. “Robin where are we going?” I told Sean. “Sean I don’t know.” The car drove across dark roads. I was sitting in the front seat and could not recognize any road we were on. Sean remained in the back seat silent and crying.

After driving down country roads the car came to an abrupt stop. Looking outside I could see a ranch style white house. A middle-aged woman approached the car. The woman from the house talked to the state worker briefly and then led us into her home. Once me and Sean were inside the home I noticed the child sitting in the livingroom was a girl who attended my 2nd grade class. She was the girl with the brown curly hair. The house was warm.

Several weeks went by and the house was a little cold. Me and Sean attended our classes even though our grades were slipping. I cannot remember much of this time period except the foster-mother would get up at 5 am and curl her daughter’s hair. I repeatedly asked the mother to curl my hair but she ignored my requests. I thought she was a cold person.

After a while me and Sean were brought to another foster home. This foster home was on a farm. We stayed with some farmers this time. These foster parents were kinder. I remember having some fun at this foster home. I would stand by my foster mother’s front door crying for my family. The longing for my mother and father was a heart breaking traumatic memory I have even to this day.

Finally after about 18 months me and Sean were brought to the Cannon Falls State Courtroom. Me and Sean were sitting in a courtroom. Richard and my mother were sitting a distance away from us. I could see their lawyer talking to the judge. I saw the prosecuting attorney arguing. Then the state worker drove us back to our foster home.

We were told we were being returned to our parents after 2 long years. My memory is fragmented after this but I have memories of living with my parents again. We always feared DCFS. We finally moved to Illinois to escape the nightmare.

A man by the name of Doctor Mueller told my dad that their was something wrong with Sean. I remember my father being furious with the doctor. Richard told us there was nothing wrong with Sean. Sean started sucking his thumb and wetting the bed almost until he was 13 years old.

Later my brother portrayed reckless behavior. Sean swam in the Cannon River and almost drowned. The police were even searching for my brother in the river. Another time my brother rode his bike and got knocked out unconscious. Some neighbor called an ambulance before my mother could come and see what happened. My mother got a ride to the hospital.

Later in years my brother started to smoke pot and drink. Sean went to a party and was brutally beaten and hospitalized for 2 months. 3 months after he was released from the hospital he died in a car accident. My mother and Stepfather died in 2001 from heart failure.

I believe all of their deaths were premature due to DCFS. I only pray that all the people who caused this horror will be punished when they reach their Judgement.